Tips on picking the best wedding vendor

How to pick a great vendor for your wedding

Although this might be a rare occurrence, occasionally we see in forums that some vendors have cancelled last minute, stopped replying to any emails or are not returning your call. We have a few tips that can really help you pick a great vendor for your wedding.

This might sound like this should be really easy but on most occasions, it turns out to be a little bit harder than what we expect it to be. Sometimes price might be the main determining factor for who we pick as a vendor, but the price shouldn’t always be our first reason why we book someone when it is such an important day.

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How to pick a wedding vendor

Check Their Reviews

Check their reviews.

This is the very first thing you should do. You should check Facebook, Google, Word of Mouth, One Flare and any other review platforms.

While checking the reviews make sure they are not all grouped together.

If they are, there is a good chance that they have been left by family or friends of the vendor and might not be an accurate reflection of their services.

Check Their Social Media Pages

tips to pick a wedding vendor

Check out their Instagram and Facebook. If they are regularly posting from events then chances are they are busy for a reason.

Yes, some vendors are not great at social media so this isn’t a major determining factor but it does give you a great way to assess their work.

Ask For Referrals

Ask for referrals in forums or by friends. This is definitely one way to make sure that they are well respected by their former clients.

The best vendors will always have former clients or other vendors speaking highly of them. This is one way to know you’re choosing a great wedding vendor.

Check How Good Their Communication Is

Check to see how responsive they are. Communication is the key to a successful wedding.

If they don’t get back to you within a reasonable timeframe they might not be the right vendor for you.

For some vendors, a week may be reasonable, for others a few days, for the best ones it might be a few hours.

The perfect wedding vendor in our opinion is one who gets back to you within 24 hours.

choosing the perfect wedding Vendor

Terms & Conditions Matter

finding the perfect wedding vendor

Check to see if they have proper terms and conditions.

This is vital to making sure you are covered in the event of an emergency.

If they don’t have terms and conditions then most likely they are not a professional and may not be the perfect wedding vendor for your big day.

Do They Have An ABN? (Australian Business Number)

Check their ABN, this is another sure way to make sure they are a professional.

If it is active, great, they are a legitimate business, if not please don’t pay anything.

To check a vendor’s ABN please click HERE to be taken to the governments ABN look page.

Find the perfect wedding vendor

Do They Have Insurance?

Ask for their Insurance details and/or PLI (Public liability insurance). This is very important when it comes to any vendors, you need to know that if anything happens they are covered.

If they don’t know what this is or don’t have it then you are probably dealing with an amateur, who might not be up to your expectations or standards.

Do They Only Operate As A Vendor Or Is This Their Side Hustle?

Find out if they only do their vendor services for a living.

If this is a side hustle gig for them and they don’t even have a website this should be a big red flag.

What level of commitment will they have to your wedding if this is just a side gig to them?

At Only DJs we only DJ for a living meaning that we are always 100% committed to your event.

choose the perfect wedding vendor

What Percentage Do They Take As A Booking Fee?

If you are unsure if the vendor you are researching will survive because of COVID’s effects on the wedding industry you should find out what their booking deposit or fee is.

A reasonable amount can range from 20-50% depending on the vendor.

For example, our partner pyrotechnicians expect no more than 50% due to the paperwork involved with fireworks.

Whereas we take only 20%. Any higher than 50% should be a red flag and may indicate they are struggling financially.

At Only DJ’s we are in a safe position and are financially secure.


Lastly, use prices as a determining factor.

You don’t need to pay the very most for the best vendors but good ones will be located in the medium to top range of the prices.

choose the perfect wedding vendor
How to pick a wedding vendor

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