How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Where do you want to get married?

First, decide on your wedding’s location and theme. Do you prefer a city venue, ballroom, waterfront, beachside or a rustic country winery? Once you have narrowed down what you really want your journey to find the perfect venue begins.

How far in advance do you need to book your venue?

The most saught after wedding venues will have a wait time.  You need to consider this vital factor when selecting a wedding venue.

The best wedding venues often book up one to two years ahead, so it is best to contact your preferred one early to check availability.

If it’s unavailable, you may need to adjust your date or seek a similiar venue.

The most popular months for Victorian weddings are:

  • September
  • October
  • November
  • February
  • March
  • April

If you’re looking to save money Friday and Sunday Weddings are more affordable.

Does the venue have any noise restrictions?

While it might not seem important when booking your venue, noise restrictions can make or break an event, especially if you want to enjoy a lively celebration.

Certain noise limiters can be stringent and might automatically shut down due to guests singing loudly. This may occur at venues whose limits are below 100Db (Decibels)

Please ensure your chosen venue has reasonable noise limits and inquire about the reception end time before making your decision.

Proper speaker placement can mitigate noise restrictions to an extent, making them less of a concern.

Disclaimer: This list is a limited sample and may not reflect the current status at the time of your booking. Sound restrictions could have been addressed by these venues or may not be relevant.

What’s your wedding venue budget?

Budget talk, but it’s crucial to consider before selecting your wedding venue.

Determine your budget before contacting venues to prevent falling for one that’s beyond your financial comfort zone.

Four key memorable factors at weddings are:

  1. The Dress
  2. The Food
  3. The Music
  4. The Scenery

Details like place mats, wedding favors, and flowers are often forgotten.

Does the venue cater to your guest numbers?

Start by trying to work out your numbers, even if it is  rough idea. Capacity limits are crucial for venue selection, so rough guide to your guest list im paramount before starting your search.

This also aids in budget planning, as venue costs often vary with guest count.

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Is there accommodation onsite or nearby for your wedding guests?

Are you considering a destination wedding or one in the Yarra Valley?

For a reception farther away or with many out-of-town guests, check if the venue offers accommodation or if there are nearby hotels for your guests to stay overnight.

Having a place close by to prepare on the day can be helpful in allowing you to enjoy the day and not feel so rushed.

What does the catering look like? Can you bring in external caterers?

Whether opting for a traditional seated dinner or a casual sharing-style feast, inquire if the venue offers in-house catering.

If yes, ask about the menu flexibility and dietary needs.

If not, check if they can recommend local catering suppliers.

What will they provide when it comes to furniture and styling?

Premier Wedding Venue Melbourne

When selecting your venue, don’t presume everything in the pictures is included. While chairs and tables are usually provided, additional expenses may arise for cutlery, crockery, glassware, linens, and table decorations.

Some venues may not provide these items, so inquire about inclusions and what you must source independently.

Do they have wet weather or unpredictable weather contingencies?

If you’re planning to have an outdoor ceremony or reception, be sure to ask if there are any wet weather options at your venue.

While most venues do have other rooms or covered spaces that can be utilised in the event of an unexpected weather incident, in some places, you might need to organise a marquee or some other form of backup yourself.

One fantastic partner venue that has just added a wet weather option is the Vines of the Yarra Valley.

Are you still unsure? Try this check list

These are some really useful questions to ask

  • What are the Bump in/out times/days/duration for vendors?
  • Do they take your booking exclusively or do they do multiple weddings in the day?
  • Do they take bookings the day before if so/not when can you access it?
  • Do they supply staff (wait, bar etc)?
  • Do they set up all your decor?
  • Can you bring in your own decor and when is drop off/pick up times/days/when do you need to pick them up/pack down?
  • Can you use real candles and what do they need to be contained in?
  • What type of vendors are you allowed? Ie do you need licensed bar staff to serve alcohol
  • What are their payment plan? Some take 10, 20, 30, 50% deposit and the remainder 4 weeks prior
  • Do they supply a wedding planner or coordinator?  (These are two different offerings)
  • What is their cancellation policy or change of date
  • How many people is their legal limit for sit down and cocktail?
  • What is the minimum number of guests?
  • Are you allowed to hang things from rafters?
  • Are you allowed to stick things to walls?
  • What time does music need to be turned down or off?
  • Are you allowed a sparkler exit?
  • Are you allowed smoke machine?
  • Are you allowed normal or cold fireworks?
  • Are you allowed confetti or confetti cannons to be used? If so is there a clean up charge and what type. If not what have other couples done as an alternative?
  • Are you allowed smoke bombs to be used?
  • Is there a cake cutting fee?
  • How much communication do they expect from when you sign up?
  • Are there opportunities to come back to view again after signing up? If so, how many times?
  • Do they offer drinks packages? Is it changeable?
  • Do they have a flexible menu package?
  • Do they have a smoking area?
  • Do they have a bridal suite for you to chill or get ready?
  • If you’re having ceremony and reception at the same venue how long do they give you to have photos? It is usually only an hour whilst they serve cocktails
  • Are there any upcoming renovations?
  • Is there enough parking? Can the guests leave their cars here overnight? If so what time must they be collected/is there a charge?
  •  How easy is it to get a taxi or uber from their venue?
  • Are they pet friendly?
  • Do they have wheelchair assessable access and toilets?
  • How does public liability insurance work with external vendors?
  • What are some additional extras other couples have gotten/paid for?
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