What equipment does the DJ come with?

Our standard Gold Record package DJ console comes with a 2.1 speaker system, (2 speakers and 1 subwoofer) stands, table and lighting. We have plenty of equipment so no matter what, we can cater to your event.

Is additional lighting and sound equipment available upon request?

For a small additional fee, more equipment can be provided. We try to work this out in the initial quote

What music will the Disk Jockey play on the night?

Our DJs will work off your music choices and play songs that compliment them.

Can I bring additional music that isn’t on the music list for the DJ to play?

Yes, we are more than happy to accept any form of music that is either on a USB stick.

Can I attach my phone to the DJ console?

No, it isn’t possible to connect your phone to our console. However, we do offer onsite downloading so as long as we have a connection we can always get a special request.

Can I make a song request on the night?

Yes, we are happy to take requests. We are here for you so we will do our best to play your requests as soon as you ask.

Can I contact the Disk Jockey prior to the event to make arrangements?

Only DJs will handle all the arrangements, we are a small team and our DJs are heavily involved, chances are you are speaking to one of our DJs.

How long does it take for the Disk Jockey to set up and pack up?

Setting up and packing up takes between 20-40 minutes for our basic Gold record package. If there are stairs at the venue, please inform us prior because this may add to our setup time.

Can your DJ equipment work outside?

Our DJ equipment can work anywhere there is a power source. We do reserve the right to DJ in a covered area should there be any extraneous weather conditions, rain etc.

Why is the booking fee non-refundable?

Our booking fees are non-refundable so that we can cover our expenses, time and effort we put into planning before your event. We are a legitimate business whereas other firms may not be. For more information on DJ pricing please click here to find out the cost of a DJ in Melbourne.

What is your COVID policy with rescheduling?

To find out more about our rescheduling for COVID please click here.

Are you insured?

Yes, Only a professional DJ will have insurance and we provide our Public liability insurance with every quote.

Are you ABN registered?

Yes, our ABN is 24 749 938 778, to look up the status of our ABN please click here.

Is your equipment tagged and tested?

Yes, our equipment is tagged and tested.

Do You Operate at Crown Casino?

No, unfortunately, due to the logistical nightmare that is involved in just getting into Crown and the unsecured loading bay where equipment must be left has made us choose to not service this complex.

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