COVID19 Booking Update

Only DJ’s Melbourne – COVID19  FAQ & Approach

We are receiving a number of emails about how we intend to deal with rescheduling and social distancing with COVID19. What we are trying to do in this difficult time is to be as ethical and understanding as we can be in relation to our amazing clients and customers.

When government restrictions are lifted we do have a plan to help ensure that you, your guests and our staff are all protected from catching the virus.

We have also recently seen a lot of brides and grooms express concerns on social media about wedding vendors closing down permanently because of COVID.

Even without government support for the last 2 lockdowns are still able to keep our doors open because of our booking fees.

Any DJ you book will be Fully Vaccinated

We will provide our vaccination status on request. We will contact your venue before hand to provide this status.

Our main DJ James Ellis has been Fully vaccinated as of the 17-10-21.


What Our Booking Fee Covers

Our policy with booking fees & COVID

Firstly all businesses have operating costs. We charge a 25% booking fee to cover our operating costs. The government has said we in the event Covid causes you to cancel your event we are able to retain a reasonable percentage for our expenses incurred.  If you choose to cancel over rescheduling this does constitute a change of mind and does not entitle you to any refund as per consumer law. We don’t just charge for the time that we spend performing. Our full fee covers:

  • Insurances
  • Registration/licencing fees
  • Tagging & testing
  • Music purchases
  • Internet
  • Utilities
  • Storage/rent
  • Website hosting
  • Phone bills
  • Our time and effort
  • Tax & Super payments

A DJ business is a service-based business. A DJ service can only work at most 3 nights a week. If a client cancels and we are unable to fill the empty date that is time lost. Because of this, most if not all service-based companies employ a non-refundable policy to ensure they receive some funds to cover their expenses.

Our booking fee is strictly used to cover our business expenses and we do not make a profit from this. This fee ensures that we are able to continue to run our business and continue to provide entertainment for your event.

Our Covid Rescheduling Policy

What is Only DJ’s Melbourne doing to resolve my booking anxiety?

We obviously want to make sure you feel at ease when it comes to booking us.  COVID19 has caused enough stress and anxiety for us all and we will do our best to make anything COVID related as hassle-free as possible.

What we are doing to make  rescheduling because of COVID19 as easy as possible:

  • We are allowing rescheduling for your event regardless of the notice period.
  • In most cases, your booking fee will be applied to your rescheduled event.
  • We are offering discounts off the original quote if you have to reschedule your event to an alternative day, for example moving from a Saturday night to a Friday.
  • If you choose to cancel and need a DJ in the future we will credit up to 50% your original booking fee towards the new one. Credits will expire in 2 years from the date of paying the booking fee.

We would also like to assure any of our potential future clients that we are in a safe position with our business there is absolutely no chance that we will close down. We are very grateful to be supported by our family so that we can to continue to offer our astounding services to the industry.

If you would like to learn more about our COVID rescheduling policy please click HERE to see our terms and conditions.

Why a DJ is you best choice for your entertainment


Why a DJ is the best choice for music for COVID19 events

With the Governments restrictions on the total number of people allowed at your event a DJ will be your best option for a number of reasons.

  • We are only considered 1 person in comparison to a band which may consist of 3-5 members. When we are considered part of the event as well as venue staff this makes a big difference. It also means you won’t need to have that awkward conversation about scratching a person off your invite list.
  • We don’t require a large area to set up, meaning more room to maintain social distance from each other.
  • A DJ has access to thousands of songs and can easily play any song title the couple or guests wish for.
  • DJ’s do not take breaks and can play for the length of the reception without any interruption.
  • DJ’s are hundreds or even thousands of dollars cheaper than bands.

Our Covid Strategy

Our Strategy for COVID19 & our DJ hire services

Our strategy that we will be implementing when government restrictions have been lifted will include:

  • SMS requests only.
  • No access to the DJ booth by anyone.
  • Strict adherence to social distancing.
  • Multiple users of microphones will have them interchanged and cleaned with disinfectant wipes during speeches.
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